The Creator

Leah Nichole is the premiere Portrait and Commercial Photographer in the Midwest. She is recognized across the nation by fans and industry professionals as the "Rising-Star Photographer, " who had seemingly come out of nowhere and has quickly approached some of the top photographers in the industry. She is known for her entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropic efforts of the companies and organizations she has successfully built through the years, but her photography masterpieces aside, Leah has proven herself time and time again in many creative facets. Her “Epic Photography” brand has long been outgrown and slowly but surely morphed into the new Epic Creative. No longer “trapped inside a box,” Leah and her team are now able to share her creative visions and mind-boggling creations with the world. From a brilliant piece of art captured by a click of her camera, to a life-changing app, community driven creative space, and out-of-the-box creative services, Leah and her team are bound to keep everyone on their toes for years to come.

“My photography career has been simply amazing and such a blessing to me and my family. My philanthropic efforts have been beyond rewarding as well. Unfortunately, neither have been fulfilling enough to say that I have reached the stars and conquered my dreams. Epic Creative is a company I had been building for decades, I just didn’t know it. It will allow me to share my many creations with the word and break free from the creative jail cell, I have held myself captive for so long. I wish I could share EVERYTHING we have been and will be working on. . . From the apps we will be launching next year, a community creative space in the works, outreach programs, and underground communities with insane marketing schemes. I know that is vague. There is just too much info for one page. I guess I can say to keep your eyes and ears open and be sure not to blink. Epic Creative has officially been un-leashed.” –Leah

When Leah and her team are not busy working at their headquarters in downtown Marion, Indiana or remote office in Indianapolis, Indiana, she can be found at home playing games and relaxing with her blended family of five children from the ages 6 to 35, enjoying the simple country life that Alexandria, Indiana has to offer OR on the open road in her jeep with the wind in her hair.