No matter how hard you try, does it seem as though you can't take a natural looking professional photograph? Are your images becoming outdated? Are you blending into the sea of selfies? Are the "professional" pictures you have paid for in the past just. . . . . "ehhhhh . . . okay" and a waist of money? 

What if you could have professionally crafted candid images that feel as though you were caught having a laugh with your best friend? Could you imagine if your simple profile image on Facebook caught the attention of all of your friends, family and followers? What if that billboard image you put up was so eye-catching that it stood out in the vast world of advertisements that we swim in daily? So much that people recognize that same image for years to come? Have you ever noticed that a selfie you post gets dozens more likes than when posting random images or quotes? (try it) What if all of your social media posts which are meant to inspire others and capture your audience, literally featured you? 

Bottom Line. The headshot is your single most important marketing tool. You can have a brilliant attention grabbing message. . . But a brilliant message with images that are "ehhhhhhh. . . okay" is NOT memorable. . . . AND will simply cause your audience to move onto the next. 

That being said, we all know our online presence plays a HUGE role today in the success of our businesses. It is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light. . . AND DEMAND ATTENTION! 

Whether you choose the quick and painless, yet brilliantly natural, HEADSHOT SESSION. . . or  the professionally crafted candid PERSONALITY SESSIONS AND BLACK LABEL PERSONAL BRANDING SESSIONS . . . . Leah knows just what to do to make you feel comfortable, capture your personality, and feature you the way your friends and family see you at your very best. 


"Any photographer can get the lighting and the posing correct.


That's the easy part.



What is difficult is making someone feel comfortable in front of the camera and being able coax their personality out, and capture it in a natural way, in a matter of only a couple minutes. Leah does this!"



I have been told that I am blessed with this ability and talent to help my clients feel comfortable in front of the camera. Given that 80% of the time, I am awkward myself, I seriously don't take this lightly. 

I am just an Indiana girl with a camera with this gift to capture your true essence. . . The way you are seen by your closest friends. With tricks and over a decade of experience, you will forget that you are getting your picture taken, and relax into your natural self. 

There is no doubt that I  pride myself in each and every image I create for my clients. When I see my clients images on a canvas, in a book, on a billboard,or in social media I see confidence. . .I see a natural portrait I created which genuinely captures their warm personality, caring nature, and excitement for life.

My clients walk in for their session sometimes feeling nervous or generally uncomfortable and walk out with confidence, a refreshed view of themselves, an awesome experience, images they are proud of and are always excited to share them with the world.

I would love the opportunity to do the same for you.