Originally specializing in Seniors, this is where Leah's passion and talent for photography flourished for many years. Over a decade has passed and although Leah has gradually moved into a more corporate environment, she stays true to her roots and is insistent on remaining in the senior photography business indefinitely. An intense corporate schedule however does leave a limited number of senior sessions she can accept every year.

"We requested our son's session when he was in 9th grade to insure a spot on her calendar. LOL We thought that was early! :D" -Michael 

There is something special about photographing a senior. . . . Something magical about the senior session experience for both the senior and myself. I guess I could say I  have a different kind of creative freedom with my seniors. I am able to use my unique ability to read their personality and translate it through their senior portraits that they love. Whether they are sassy and edgy, or more reserved and shy, I am able to capture them as they are and give them an experience and gift of images they will cherish the rest of their lives. How could I ever give that up? The fact that I have kids coming up to me in public as young as 3rd grade telling me what a fan they are . . .  seriously brings tears to my eyes. So humbling.  I hope I can give all of them the confidence they deserve and the ability to see themselves as we do!